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Our tray covers are produced in the U.S. on embossed high-quality 40-pound bond paper using designs that reflect today's trend in food-service color schemes. Samples are worth a thousand words, and we will be glad to send you some.

Our Diet Description tray cover helps you to meet the Joint Commission requirements that you inform your patients about their diets.  This traycover now includes the new design.  And it's as much fun as reading a cereal box when you were a kid.  

Some of our tray covers are now produced on non-skid stock.  Please inquire about this option when you call 800-435-4874 and ask for samples.

In Stock Gallery

Tuscan Marble
13½" × 19"
Fresh Selections
13½" × 19"
Diet Descriptions
13½ × 19" or 12¾ × 16"
13½" × 19"
13½" × 19"
13½" × 19"
13½" × 19"
We have an extensive library of full-color artwork from which you may choose.  Or we can incorporate your ideas, your logo, your colors and/or your own artwork to design a personalized traycover for you. One of our most popular personalized traycovers uses your own diet descriptions with colorful artwork.

Although the minimum order on personalized designs is 25,000, we can if necessary store them in our warehouse and ship them as you need them. Please call 
800-435-4874 for samples, as pictures are not as exciting as the real thing.

Personalized Gallery

Personalized tray cover design

Personalized tray cover design 2

Personalized tray cover design 3

Personalized tray cover design 4

It's especially hard for your patients to be in the hospital over any holiday, so brighten their day with a special Holiday tray cover with a 15 x 17 coordinating 2-ply Holiday Napkin.

Holiday tray covers are available in several different sizes for your convenience. The most common sizes are 13" × 18¾" to fit a 15" × 20" tray; 12¾" × 16?" to fit a 14" × 18" tray and 11" × 18" to fit a 12" × 19" or 12" × 20" tray.

These Holiday tray covers are available in packs of 100 or in cases of 1000.

Combo packs: 100 each of 5 different designs. Please call for additional information, pricing and samples.

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Valentine's Day

Happy Easter

Mother's Day

Father's Day

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