Diet Cards

Assemble the food items on each tray more efficiently when you use Diet Cards for non-selective patient diets.  These cards are pre-printed with standard diet colors, which will cut down on the time needed to send each tray down the line and into the patient's room.  There is also a Special card and a Blank card that you can write upon depending on patient need.  The cards measure 3-3/4 by 2-5/8.  The minimum order is only five boxes of 500 cards each (one diet or assorted diets), so give them a try!

Woodstock Dietary Systems also supplies diet cardholders and substitution cards, and we will be glad to send samples.  

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Diet Cards Gallery

Bland Diet Card
Soft Diet Card
Low Fat Diet Card
Diabetic Diet Card
Salt Free Diet Card
Liquid Diet Card
Regular Diet Card
Low Sodium Diet Card
Special Diet Card
Blank Diet Cards