Restaurant Style Menus

Our most popular menu covers are of similar quality to what you will find at elegant restaurants. A rigid cover with expanded vinyl turned over stiff board, it is stitched and finished with metal corners and add your hospital logo embossed in gold or silver on the front cover.

Our covers normally hold two full-size inserts (either 8.5 × 11 or 8.5 × 14) that can be designed and printed by WDS or by your food-service department. Half-width clear pockets may be added to the inside front and/or back panels to hold up to four additional inserts.

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Essex Menu Cover
Need more room?  Our Royal Select Menu Cover can hold up to 8 full-size inserts, either designed and printed by Woodstock Dietary Systems or by your own art department.  We will work with you to create what you decide is the perfect menu for your fine dining service.

This rigid, expanded vinyl menu cover with your hospital logo debossed on the front cover is stitched along the edge for strength with metal corners added for durability.  It will meet the needs of the most elaborate and elegant menu.

This menu cover is also designed to stay in the hospital room and can be sanitized between patients.

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Royal Select
Easy to sanitize between patients, our laminated menus are produced with 3-mil edge-sealed lamination for durability.  

The art department of Woodstock Dietary Systems will work with you to create the perfect menu for your room-service dining service.  These menus usually have two folds, providing six panels of artwork and food items, but they can be configured the way you prefer.

Please call us or email us at or click on the Contact Us tab.  We will be happy to send you an actual sample of a laminated menu.

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Laminated Menus