Folded stand-up information pieces that are patient specific come on the Room Service tray or are left on the patient's bedside table.  With artwork coordinated with your Room Service menu and traycover, they provide a finished look while providing necessary information to the patient.

Common messages might  (1) remind the patient on insulin or a consistent carbohydrate diet to call the nurse when the tray arrives, (2) explain the diet ordered by the doctor, (3) express your hospital's desire to provide exceptional service and care, and/or (4) tell the patient where to call if he/she misses the tray when delivered.  

We can design and print any message you might find useful to improve your Room Service Program and translate that message into just about any language.  Call us at 800-435-4874 for more information, or email

Table Tents Gallery

Table Tents
These are useful information pieces that explain your Room Service Program to the patient and might include the following:  information on specific diets, how the Room Service Program works, the program benefits, dining for the patient's guests, frequently asked questions, a list of websites with dietary information, and the survey that will be mailed when the patient returns home.

With artwork coordinated with your menu and other items on the tray, our brochures provide an attractive presentation of useful information.   They can be printed in just about any language.  Call 800-435-4874 for more information and samples, or email us at  

Brochures Gallery

Brightly colored magnets placed outside on the patient door let nursing and food-service associates know that a food tray has been ordered, delivered and is still in the room. The magnet comes off when the food tray has been removed.

Magnets Gallery

Information sheets slip into these clear acrylic stands and act as "bookends" for the restaurant-style or disposable menu.  This double style is available in two sizes:  
the 5 x 7 horizontal or the 4 x 6 vertical.  Each has two viewing sides, perfect for explaining your Room Service Program, informing the patient how to order for guests, providing safety tips for the hospital stay, enclosing a comment card - whatever best helps you communicate with the patient.

Woodstock Dietary Systems can coordinate the inserts with your menu or traycover and print in any language.  Contact us by email or call 800-435-4874 for more information.

Acrylic Stands Gallery

Acrylic Stands